Dirty Clothes
9 Feb2018

Because your clothes deserve care as well Clothes are one of the basic needs of humans for covering its self. It doesn’t matter you are a student, job holder or a business person; it is true that your clean and neat clothes introduce yourself before you do. From old days till now, it is not […]

Dry Cleaning Clothes
25 Jan2018

Importance of Clean Clothes Clothing is one of the basic needs of human beings. Instead, it would be more appropriate to say that clothes complete the man’s personality. Your clothes introduce your personality and your clean white clothes always reflect your nature and personality. People look at your clean clothes before your nature and goodness […]

Wedding Bridal Dress
18 Jan2018

Bridal Wear Dry Cleaning & Alteration The wedding day is surely the most important and memorable day of your life and definitely, you always want to keep its sweet memories. Selection of wedding dress is not an easy task; it could take a couple of weeks or months sometimes. According to a survey up to […]

Tennis Player
9 Jan2018

They can be washed easily but their soles require hand treatment for cleaning Tennis shoes are very different from common sports wears. They are very lightweight and strong inbuilt to absorb all kinds of pressure, a tennis player can give them while playing tennis. Their guilt must be strong and friendly enough to support player’s […]

Coffee Stains on Shirt
22 Dec2017

Some household techniques are very good remedy for these stains Coffee stains are very tough to remove from clothes In winter or even in a summer season, we take coffee to refresh ourselves. Coffee is an energy booster and gives some extra charge to our mind and get free from fatigue and tiresome. Coffee is […]

Stain Removal
18 Dec2017

Always consider both sides of the coin Stain removal is the area where dry cleaners have total expertise. In fact the majority of the people send their belongings to the dry cleaner for this purpose. But what they get in return for your own negligence are bad words and statements. Dry cleaners are there to […]

White Clothes
15 Dec2017

Different natural remedies give the best results It is an art to get white clothes white again White dress looks very nice because of its whiteness. It looks very bad when it turns into yellow. This is the stage when your white stuff or fabric required some special treatment to get rid of this yellow […]

Blankets in Sort
5 Dec2017

Proper maintenance promises long life With approaching winter season your wardrobe and bedding changes accordingly. In summer, autumn and spring require light bedding while winter comes with quilts and blankets. Other season linens and comforters are somewhat easy to manage and clean than the winter ones due to their size and weight. Dry cleaning the […]

Carpet Cleaning
15 Nov2017

It is not an easy task to clean the carpet due to its bulk It is good to have neat and clean carpets in our houses Carpets are of great importance in our houses nowadays. They look nice and give a great feeling to walk on them. Because of them, the atmosphere looks neat and […]

Redesign and Alter
9 Nov2017

A professional dry cleaner or a tailor use simple techniques to resize the garments T-shirts are an essential part of your clothing as they can serve for casual to semi-formal parties and for day to day use. They are easily available in the market with different sizes and those sizes may not fit you always. […]