You Always Impress the Audience by a Nice Ironed Suit Jacket
Nice Ironed Suit
17 Apr2017

It is an art to iron the suit jackets

Ironing of a Suit Jacket at Home is an Art

Suit makes you prominent in any kind of party whether you wear it for a wedding party, office meeting or casual, it grooms your personality. Proper ironed suit looks new though aged in real, so ironing makes your dress more than they are in real. If your suit is properly ironed with straight and sharp creases, its effect is different. It is not a difficult task to iron any suit jacket at home. Here are some common steps that give you a good, wrinkle free and glossy suit jacket.

Prepare the battle field

In professional laundry houses, proper instruments and structures are made for ironing. Ironing tables are available in different sizes and shapes that help you a lot in this connection. Proper flat surface is necessary to iron your clothes, specially the suit jacket. Choose the right size of the table for ironing that gives you enough flat area to perform your work with comfort and ease. Ironing board is very important to iron clothes because at home you haven’t any other facility that a professional laundry has except a good ironing board. Set your ironing board in an open place so you have enough space to work. Your board is in balanced condition and near to any power plug if you are using iron with cord.

Suit label is the important one before start ironing

It is very important that you know about stuff before you give any treatment or ironing to it. Labels give information about washing, drying and ironing of any stuff. It is very helpful to you and makes you cautious before ironing process of any stuff. Suits are always very costly and their stuff is very dear one with reference to other ordinary clothes so take great care about the stuff and use always prescribed method of ironing on recommended heat stroke. Suit labels give you information about the iron category also mean watered iron or dry iron or steam iron. You can use different modes to press your suit jacket accordingly. For example, Linen or Cotton stuff required hot ironing with steam, Synthetic fabric like Acrylic, Nylon, Silk or Polyester need cool ironing and Wool stuff requires warm ironing Services. All these information are printed on the labels.


Press the Suit Jecket

Press the Suit Jecket


Your suit jacket must be free from stains, dust and dirt before ironing

Stains, dust and dirt may become harder than before after ironing so it is very important that your suit is free from all these impurities and perfectly cleaned before ironing. If there is any stain on the surface of your suit will become prominent after ironing. Stuff of suits is always thick and furry so stains become darker after ironing. Choose always neat and clean suit for ironing.

Iron should be cleaned before ironing

It is very important that the stuff must be cleaned before ironing but the cleanliness of iron is more important than this because sometimes iron is not clean and applied on clothes that causes hard stains that is very hard to remove them. Children are always in the habit to paste chew gum to the bottom surface of iron that causes severe damage to your clothes and suit stuffs. Make sure that iron is properly cleaned and there is no dust and any sticky particles on the surface of it.

Iron should be cleaned

Iron should be cleaned

Use light spray of water during ironing

Suit stuff is thick and hot ironing may harm the stuff so give a light spray of water before ironing. If your iron has steam function in it then there is no need extra spray use water mode or steam mode during ironing your suit. Use always distilled water in iron. It serves you in different ways. Firstly, distilled water is free from any kind of minerals that can cause stain after drying any salty water will leave a white thin layer on your stuff after ironing. Secondly it will give your iron a long life if you use any other water the surface of iron may become rusty and spoil with the passage of time. Steam or water spray softens the stuffs and hot ironing gives you a wrinkle free dressing.  Water is necessary during ironing because hot iron may harm the stuff or burn them by access heat. A light touch of dampness may restrict it.

light spray of water

light spray of water

Plug in your iron properly

It takes time to get the adequate heat that is required for ironing so plug in your iron before ironing and set the thermostat according to the stuff of your suit. There is an indicator that indicates you about you the temperature you need or pre-set before ironing. Don’t start ironing your suit jacket before the desired or required temperature or heat is gained. Perfect temperature is necessary for good ironing.

Always use a piece of cloth in between your suit and iron

piece of cloth

piece of cloth

Don’t use iron directly on the suit stuff, it may harm the shine of your stuff. Use always a piece of neat cloth on your suit stuff before ironing. It helps to protect from any shiny layers and shiny spots on the surface of your dear and costly suit stuff. For this purpose, Muslin or Drill cloth are considered best. Cotton cloth is also used for this purpose. Suit stuff are always with lining of different colors and materials of these linings are different from the original stuff of the suit, this protection layer of cloth gives a controlled temperature to the different stuffs of your suit.

Start ironing from the inner side of your suit

The inner material is mostly of silk. Always start ironing from the inner side of your suit. It gives you the right idea about the stuff and temperature or heat that you will require for ironing. If any amendment is required in iron function, then adjust it first before comes out. When you have finished the inner ironing of the suit you find the effect on the upper and outer side, you have creases according to the stitching.

Start from the backside of your suit jacket

After inner ironing then fix your suit on the table and start ironing from the back, don’t pull the creases of arms while ironing on back of your suit jacket. Press from collar side to down side always. By this motion from top to down no wrinkle can rest on the surface of your suit jacket. If your suit jacket has vent at the bottom then place a hard paper in between the vent to find the actual shape of vent after ironing, otherwise there might be some wrinkles near the vent and that looks very odd.

Press the front side of the suit jacket and finished with back

After pressing or ironing the back of suit jacket, press the front part of your suit jacket with great perfection there are lot of creases at front of any suit jacket so be careful about this section.  There are pocket’s flaps, lapels and other double layer stuff that require hard pressure on them during ironing. Suit collar, suit lapels and pocket flaps require some extra effort to press or iron. A piece of hard paper or one or two layers of cloth may help you to iron this section of your suit. Creases and settlements of lapels and collar are very important to give a perfect look so give proper time to press these sections of your suit jackets.

 Press sleeves at the last

Sleeves are also important in ironing don’t give extra pressure on sleeve creases. Its stitching is quite different from the normal stitching. Apply a cover of a cloth on the sleeves before ironing them. Make sure that the button side is quite opposite on the stitch side during ironing by this you will get nice and wrinkle free sleeves. Sleeve’s seam guides you well. Ironing according to the seam of sleeve but it is not as easy to do as easy to say because the shoulder joint can make trouble if you have no sleeve board at home. Sleeve board is a dummy arm that inserts into the arm of your suit jackets and then ironing. It gives you the actual formation of the sleeve. Press hard at shoulder joints with sleeves because it is the hardest portion of your suit jacket so give some extra pressure and extra hot ironing to that portion.

Hang up your suit jacket in a hanger

suit jacket in a hanger

suit jacket in a hanger

When you are finished with ironing, select a hanger that has proper size to cover the shoulder width properly. Short in size or extra big hanger may harm your all workout. Proper hanger is necessary after ironing, by this the true shape of your suit jacket will remain for a long time in your cupboard and you will get a nice shaped and wrinkle free suit jacket to wear next time.

Suit jacket covers are available in the market

If you have to put your suits for a long time in your cupboard after ironing put them in proper covering that is easily available in the market at very cheap rate. It saves your suit from dust, dirt and stains and in proper formation without any wrinkles.

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