Carpets Enhance the Grace of our Rooms and Houses, If they are Neat and Clean
Carpet Cleaning
15 Nov2017

It is not an easy task to clean the carpet due to its bulk

It is good to have neat and clean carpets in our houses

Carpets are of great importance in our houses nowadays. They look nice and give a great feeling to walk on them. Because of them, the atmosphere looks neat and clean but the reality is something different. They become a vital cause of different diseases in human due to lack of proper cleanliness and neatness. Carpet cleaning is of different types according to stuff and they require a different type of treatment. Generally, we have some common steps to give the treatment to carpets.

Cleaning the room first

Before cleaning the carpet, clean the room from each and everything and remove everything from the room and make sure that the room is completely get emptied.

Cleaning The Floor

Cleaning The Floor

Remove sofas, tables, and other things before cleaning the carpet. Remove furniture, if this is very heavy then place a piece of foil paper, wooden blocks under the legs of furniture. Don’t drag heavy furniture on the surface of the carpets. If you have not enough space to remove all furniture out of the room in another room then remove half of the furniture and clear half of the room and clean the carpet and then replace the furniture and clean the carpet once again.

Use stain remover to remove debris, stains, and marks from the carpet

After getting clean from loose dust, the carpet is ready for proper treatment. If there is any debris, stains, and mark then use stain removal to remove the stains. If you need special treatment then use it for proper cleaning of the carpet. You can use baking soda and water solution to remove stains. You can use white vinegar to remove stains and marks from the carpet.

Stains At Carpet

Stains At Carpet

Use water rinsing to remove vinegar effect or smell from the carpet and dry well before using the carpet again. A ceiling fan is the best to dry the carpet if get wet.


Dust the baseboards of every wall and clean the ceiling and ceiling fan as well

Before the cleaning of your carpet, clean each and everything of your room. Remove dust from ceiling and ceiling fan as well, walls and baseboards of every wall, dusting each wall before cleaning the carpet. Proper dusting is necessary before cleaning the carpet. It is good that you keep clean the room first before cleaning the carpet. This step will help you a lot in carpet cleaning. Now the pitch is ready to work.

Vacuum the entire carpet carefully

When the pitch is ready for cleaning, vacuum cleaning is the best starter in cleaning. Vacuum cleaning is the best procedure for carpet cleaning. The heavy-duty vacuum cleaner is good for cleaning. Use narrow nozzle for vacuum cleaning.  Move slowly vacuum nozzle to get proper cleaning of each and every grain and thread of the carpet.

Room Cleaning

Room Cleaning

Vacuuming makes the stuff fluffy for further treatment. After vacuuming, you feel the difference. The grains and hairs are cleaned properly by vacuum and this is the basic cleaning of the carpet. The narrow nozzle is effective to gather hair and short solid particles.

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