Coffee Stains on Shirt
22 Dec2017

Some household techniques are very good remedy for these stains Coffee stains are very tough to remove from clothes In winter or even in a summer season, we take coffee to refresh ourselves. Coffee is an energy booster and gives some extra charge to our mind and get free from fatigue and tiresome. Coffee is […]

Neat and clean odor free Pillows
12 Oct2017

Pillows give a great look to your bed rooms if they are clean Pillow washing at home is a very easy task but it is very important Pillows are very common thing in every house. We even don’t take notice that they are very important for our daily routine life. They are part and parcel […]

Washing and Cleaning
18 Jul2017

Special detergents are here to remove germs and bacteria Hospital laundry should be sterilized before each and every use Hospital is a place of wounds, stains, blood, smell, germs, bacteria and infections, so cleaning and washing of hospital laundry is not carried out by common ways it needs something special to prevent patients from more […]

Catering Laundry
8 May2017

Clean surroundings create positive impact on event management Catering is a business not related to only one thing. There are many things that combine together to make it start and flourish. Only food cannot take your business to heights that you really deserve. There is a long list but taking one thing out of it […]