Tennis Player
9 Jan2018

They can be washed easily but their soles require hand treatment for cleaning Tennis shoes are very different from common sports wears. They are very lightweight and strong inbuilt to absorb all kinds of pressure, a tennis player can give them while playing tennis. Their guilt must be strong and friendly enough to support player’s […]

Beauty of Your Shoes
20 Oct2017

Neat and clean shoes represent the personality of a person Your shoes are one of the major space owners of your wardrobe. Especially women give a very special place to their shoes, even have peculiar emotions attached to every pair. Some also relate their special memories to their belongings and never want to loose them […]

How to Stretch your Shoes
15 Mar2017

Simple tips to loose the tightness and grip of your shoes to the comfort level Shoes are the important part of our life. They are useful and helpful for our feet to protect them from the rough and hard surface. Especially in the winter season, they protect us through the cold wind. There are different […]