Dry Cleaning is the Best Option for Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
23 Sep2017

Different methods work towards the same goal

Carpets are an important part of the home decoration. They look fabulous and make the place cozy and comfortable one to be in. Apart from home, they are also used in offices, restaurants, on different occasions for decoration and to welcome the guests in the very best way. So, carpets are essential no matter what use you are taking from them. But a very difficult task is to have a clean carpet especially when you have kids or pets at home.

Either you are taking the carpet to the dry cleaner or doing it at home, it is very important that every step is done properly or the desired results may not be achieved. This will not be due to a flaw in the chemicals; the way dry cleaning was carried out spoiled the whole work. So, if taking to a dry cleaner, make sure you are going to the right one and if doing it at home the chemical being used should be followed closely or a single mistake can ruin everything.

Using a Dry Compound:



Now there are different methods which the professional dry cleaners avail for getting a hundred percent result or at least a 98 or a 97 percent. Dry compound method is one of them. This method uses a very little moisture and is spread equally all over the carpet covering every area. The chemical instantly starts working but requires time to dry before vacuuming can be done. The dirt particles get attracted to the compound and turn them into removable form. But a thorough vacuuming is necessary otherwise the desired results can never be achieved.

Polymer based Cleaning:

This is another very useful method in which encapsulation of dirt takes place with the use of polymers. The dirt instantly turns into dry particles instantly on contact and then a hard vacuuming pulls them out leaving the carpet shining bright. This process again needs time to dry up otherwise nothing will happen, but there are chemicals that can be used which dry up faster and the carpet can be instantly ready to use again after vacuuming. But in any case vacuuming is very important and detailed vacuuming is what is needed or else dirt will start accumulating more than before.

Home Dry Cleaning:

Sprays for dry cleaning

Sprays for dry cleaning

There are sprays and shampoos that are used for dry cleaning at home. But the quantity of moisture is very crucial. The spraying or spreading of powdered chemical on the carpet cleaning with a brush and then vacuuming it afterwards is a very handy and proper dry cleaning method. But when it comes to shampooing and then waiting for the carpet to dry is not a good choice. As especially with pets and kids at home instant drying is needed so as to not spoil the hard work even before finishing. One thing should be considered that if your floor is wooden then prolonged exposure to moisture can ruin it so using the right product is very important. Also the ready made dry cleaning products should be used carefully so that damage to the carpet is not the consequence.

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