Hospital laundry requires great care
Washing and Cleaning
18 Jul2017

Special detergents are here to remove germs and bacteria

Hospital laundry should be sterilized before each and every use

Hospital is a place of wounds, stains, blood, smell, germs, bacteria and infections, so cleaning and washing of hospital laundry is not carried out by common ways it needs something special to prevent patients from more infections and diseases. Hospital laundry consists of white bed sheets of linen, green aprons and white uniforms of nurses and doctors. While you are engaged with hospital laundry be sure that after each wash the stuff has been proper sterilized for next use. It is the basic principle of hospital laundry.

Separate operation theatre clothes from other stuff

Operation theatre is a place of surgeries, cuts and scars. Blood stains are very common on stuff. Don’t mix these aprons, sheets and other stuff of operation there with common ward stuff that has common stain as vomiting, stains of syrups and food stuff. Hot water treatment is necessary for the operation theater stuff to remove stains of blood. Strong detergent with sanitizers should be used to sterilize the washed clothes.

There are recommended products available in the market for these purposes. Linen and cotton stuff is tough and rough so there are no restrictions of water temperature. Use always hot water for hospital laundry along with good detergent and sterilizers.

Approved and recommended detergent is compulsory for hospital laundry

Recommended Detergents

Recommended Detergents

Hospitals laundry requires special treatment so special detergents are made for hospital laundries. These are hygienic and friendly for the atmosphere. These are purely designed for hospital laundry by keeping in mind the point that it is for the patients’ sake it should be friendly and good for the patients not too much harsh or irritating the patients. Choosing a dry cleaner is also a good choice to get best cleaning results.

It should be mild, soft and good in cleaning but above all, it should be fit for the atmosphere in which it has to remain in the hospital. Detergent is for removing smells, bacteria and germs. After each washing, clothes and stuff should be free from stains, germs and bacteria and ready to serve the patients.

Dryer is good but sunlight purifies the hospital stuff from germs and bacteria

Sunlight is the big source to purify things from germs and bacteria. After washing hospital stuff, dry them in a dryer but give them sunlight shower after each wash to sterilize all the stuff. Sun bathing of clothes is very important because sunlight is a good and natural source to kill germs and bacteria. Moreover, it enhances the brightness of colors. If white color is going towards reddish then after wash spread, it into sunlight it naturally becomes to its original whitish color with bluish touch.

Sun Bathing of Clothes

Sun Bathing of Clothes

After washing piling of different items of hospital laundry is important one. Don’t mix the stuff even after washing. Germs may remain there and can penetrate from one stuff to the other that may cause serious infections.

Keep clean your hospitals, remove cotton pads, dressing stuffs and dispose of all the stuff very carefully because there are lots of germs in it and proper care is required to remove it.

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