Keeping the Blankets Soft and Clean
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5 Dec2017

Proper maintenance promises long life

With approaching winter season your wardrobe and bedding changes accordingly. In summer, autumn and spring require light bedding while winter comes with quilts and blankets. Other season linens and comforters are somewhat easy to manage and clean than the winter ones due to their size and weight.

Dry cleaning the blankets especially the woolen ones remains the only choice as many of them are labeled as dry clean only. If not sent to a shop you have to deal with them at home but with the procedure and chemicals used for the dry cleaning method.

Clean Blanket

Clean Blanket

But then there are baby blankets and other single bed blankets which allow you to have them either hand washed or machine washed at home.

No matter what material yours is made from, it will not last for long if proper handling is not carried out. The longer you want this article in your home and in use, the more taking care they ask for.

Washing Machines with Gentle Cycle

Now a day the problem of hand washing can be avoided due to the presence of mild cycle present in washing machines. This one helps a lot when you are about to wash a woolen blanket.

Washing and Cleaning

Washing and Cleaning

As woolen ones are hard to maintain so there are fewer people who keep them at home, but this new thing has really made it easy and now you can clean them as any other cloth with machine wash.

Mild detergent especially available for woolen stuff is needed to ensure delicacy. Also for this one, you need to dry it naturally and not in the dryer or its warmness will start to disappear with every wash.


Keeping the Soft Surface Intact

This concerns more to the users who use the handwashing procedure. This is not only connected to the outlook only, if this softness gets lost, the warmth it provides also vanishes and with it the real purpose of owning it. There are certain things that can be done in this regard at home.

One is to use mild detergent for the purpose; second thing that is essential to prevent anything like this is to thoroughly rinse the detergent as any residues can result in roughness due to their drying.

Washing Machines in Laundry

Washing Machines in Laundry

The third thing which can be done is to use a liquid fabric softener specially formulated for mild use. Also never dry it in a washing machine dryer as this will make it rub against itself during the process and the damage thus created can never be reversed.


More Useful Advice

If you have hard water in your area first add a softener in the water to keep the softness intact. Then for material that sheds in the washing machine putting the blanket in a large cloth cover and then washing it will eradicate the problem.

On soft surfaces do not use dryer sheets as a covering will accumulate on it leaving the article rough. If some detergent residue remains even after rinsing then go for another rinse cycle to get rid of the problem. Never wash heavy and large items at home as it becomes a nightmare for handling and drying.

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