Neat and clean odor free Pillows are necessary for a home
Neat and clean odor free Pillows
12 Oct2017

Pillows give a great look to your bed rooms if they are clean

Pillow washing at home is a very easy task but it is very important

Pillows are very common thing in every house. We even don’t take notice that they are very important for our daily routine life. They are part and parcel of beds, TV lounge carpet and we can use them on sitting chair even. Neat and clean pillows make you confident in front of others. Dry cleaning is the best option for their perfect cleaning. If you are planned to wash them at home, then you need to take these steps.

Remove the pillow cover and put them into a big basket with detergent water

First of all, remove their covers and dip into a plastic tub within detergent water. For pillows you need a big size basket or tub to dip them into it. Fill that selected tub with water and add some quality detergent into it according to the label of the pillow. Pillows are of different stuffs and different material is stuffed into them to give them softness and proper shape that you require, so before put them into that water, read instructions carefully.

Make foam in the water and dip pillows into that water. They are light weighted, so knead them with your hands that make them wet properly and they soak foamy water as their fill. Give them proper time to get washed. Half an hour is more than enough for them then take them out from foamy water.

Pillow Covers

Pillow Covers

 Rinse them thoroughly in open water

After getting them out from the soapy or foamy water rinse them in open water and during rinsing knead them, shuffling them and massage them with water. By this process the whole foam and foamy water can be removed from the pillow stuff. Rinsing is important in stuffed pillow because these pillows are stuffed by different material and proper rinsing is necessary to get neat and clean the pillow inwardly.

Dry them properly in open sun

After rinsing thoroughly, get them dry in open sunlight if possible. Don’t put them into dryer because if they are stuffed with memory foam, they will be ruined completely in dryer, so it is good to spread them on towel or white sheet in open air or in sun heat. After complete drying, they will become into their original shape and neat and clean.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam

Check your pillow

After complete drying, check them before use. Different types of stuffed material soak water for a long time, so take great care of drying the pillows. Feather stuffed pillows may not come into their original shape before washing, so tap them with hand or a stick. With mild tapping dried feathers will get their original shape and your pillow is ready to use once again.

Put new, neat and clean covers on, before using

Change the pillow cover after each washing. This will give you change and new look. By putting new covers, pillows are ready to use once again with a new look and appearance.

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