Redesign and Alter your T-shirt with these simple Techniques
Redesign and Alter
9 Nov2017

A professional dry cleaner or a tailor use simple techniques to resize the garments

T-shirts are an essential part of your clothing as they can serve for casual to semi-formal parties and for day to day use. They are easily available in the market with different sizes and those sizes may not fit you always. But what to do when you find a shirt which you always wanted but what a bad luck that it is not of your size. Do not loose hope as there is a solution to almost every problem and luckily yours carries one with it. There is a very simple way to fit a loose or larger t-shirt, but actual skill is to loosen a tight or short shirt. Not to worry as the following ideas can give you simple still useful tips for doing your work right. Dry cleaners also do the same. These variations will not only make the shirt according to your body, but also it gives a personalized look to the outfit.

Make organized slits

This is a very simple way where only a scissor and a sense of where to cut are needed. No needle no sewing machine and your alteration is complete. You can add slits in the problematic areas especially arms and front of the top. It is up to you what slit size will do the job. If the fabric is stretchable, then making small cuts will do, but in case of a sturdy material, long cuts would be needed, but be careful to avoid a total tear apart.

Add a Patch

Add a Patch

Add a Patch

Another uncomplicated method is to buy another t-shirt of the same color and add pieces on the sides. This can be done by cutting wide strips which are enough as your demand. By cutting the side seam of the original shirt and separating the arms, the strips can be attached by the help of a sewing machine to the sides. Make sure the seams are straight otherwise it will give an untidy look; good sewing skill is required for this method. Alterations and repairs add a new touch to your old garments.

Shift the Design

If you are not good at sewing, then this method can also be for you. Simply buy another shirt of the required size and color and then shift the design of the older shirt on it. Cut the image you want to preserve leaving space for the buffer and then sew it or paste it on the new one. Tailors prefer the sewing method more as it is long lasting while the pasting method can hold up to some time and then starts showing its temporary nature.

Insert Sleeves with the Sides

Insert Sleeves

Insert Sleeves

A medium skilled person can carry out this technique by adding up extra clothe to not only the sides but sleeves also. For this, you have to buy a cloth of the same color or if you want to add a spice to your original purchase, a contrast can also be chosen. By cutting the sides and the sleeves, attach both add ups together and finalize the sleeve. The work is finished by attaching both the items to the original shirt.

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