Dirty Clothes
9 Feb2018

Because your clothes deserve care as well Clothes are one of the basic needs of humans for covering its self. It doesn’t matter you are a student, job holder or a business person; it is true that your clean and neat clothes introduce yourself before you do. From old days till now, it is not […]

Tennis Player
9 Jan2018

They can be washed easily but their soles require hand treatment for cleaning Tennis shoes are very different from common sports wears. They are very lightweight and strong inbuilt to absorb all kinds of pressure, a tennis player can give them while playing tennis. Their guilt must be strong and friendly enough to support player’s […]

Stain Removal
18 Dec2017

Always consider both sides of the coin Stain removal is the area where dry cleaners have total expertise. In fact the majority of the people send their belongings to the dry cleaner for this purpose. But what they get in return for your own negligence are bad words and statements. Dry cleaners are there to […]

Catering Laundry
8 May2017

Clean surroundings create positive impact on event management Catering is a business not related to only one thing. There are many things that combine together to make it start and flourish. Only food cannot take your business to heights that you really deserve. There is a long list but taking one thing out of it […]

Washing and Cleaning
8 Mar2017

The DWR protection is necessary during washing Very easy to dry-clean or wash your Rain Coat by using NIKWAX Tech Wash The rain coat is a very useful wearing, especially in tropical areas where the rain has schedule to start and stop on daily basis. It is the basic need of the human beings of […]