Dirty Clothes
9 Feb2018

Because your clothes deserve care as well Clothes are one of the basic needs of humans for covering its self. It doesn’t matter you are a student, job holder or a business person; it is true that your clean and neat clothes introduce yourself before you do. From old days till now, it is not […]

Dry Cleaning Clothes
25 Jan2018

Importance of Clean Clothes Clothing is one of the basic needs of human beings. Instead, it would be more appropriate to say that clothes complete the man’s personality. Your clothes introduce your personality and your clean white clothes always reflect your nature and personality. People look at your clean clothes before your nature and goodness […]

Blankets in Sort
5 Dec2017

Proper maintenance promises long life With approaching winter season your wardrobe and bedding changes accordingly. In summer, autumn and spring require light bedding while winter comes with quilts and blankets. Other season linens and comforters are somewhat easy to manage and clean than the winter ones due to their size and weight. Dry cleaning the […]

Redesign and Alter
9 Nov2017

A professional dry cleaner or a tailor use simple techniques to resize the garments T-shirts are an essential part of your clothing as they can serve for casual to semi-formal parties and for day to day use. They are easily available in the market with different sizes and those sizes may not fit you always. […]

Neat and clean odor free Pillows
12 Oct2017

Pillows give a great look to your bed rooms if they are clean Pillow washing at home is a very easy task but it is very important Pillows are very common thing in every house. We even don’t take notice that they are very important for our daily routine life. They are part and parcel […]

Suede jacket
29 Sep2017

Suede cleansing at home is not very difficult process Suede jackets are nice stuff to wear but with good care and protection We use dresses to protect ourselves from the harshness of weather, to conceal our body, to show our wealth, to give comfort ourselves and to be prominent in others. We use lots of […]

12 Aug2017

Some fabrics are for dry cleaning only and they cannot be washed with water A tag that can be found on most of the clothes is a dry cleaning only tag. This tag is not alone, there are more details that give other information about the fabric, the temperature on which it should be cleaned […]

Bed Sheet
21 Jul2017

Your bed sheet is the true representative of your living style Bed sheets must be neat and clean, they represent your way of living There is no home in the world without bed and bed sheets. Bed is necessary to sleep for most of people. Some people don’t like heavy and bulky beds at their […]

Washing and Cleaning
18 Jul2017

Special detergents are here to remove germs and bacteria Hospital laundry should be sterilized before each and every use Hospital is a place of wounds, stains, blood, smell, germs, bacteria and infections, so cleaning and washing of hospital laundry is not carried out by common ways it needs something special to prevent patients from more […]

6 Jul2017

Which one to choose that suits your life style and daily need? When we talk about dry cleaning and laundry cleaning services, there is a very thin line between them. The difference is not in the procedure, but in the cleaning agents that are used for a complete clean result. Both require professional training and […]