Coffee Stains on Shirt
22 Dec2017

Some household techniques are very good remedy for these stains Coffee stains are very tough to remove from clothes In winter or even in a summer season, we take coffee to refresh ourselves. Coffee is an energy booster and gives some extra charge to our mind and get free from fatigue and tiresome. Coffee is […]

Stain Removal
18 Dec2017

Always consider both sides of the coin Stain removal is the area where dry cleaners have total expertise. In fact the majority of the people send their belongings to the dry cleaner for this purpose. But what they get in return for your own negligence are bad words and statements. Dry cleaners are there to […]

Carpet Cleaning
15 Nov2017

It is not an easy task to clean the carpet due to its bulk It is good to have neat and clean carpets in our houses Carpets are of great importance in our houses nowadays. They look nice and give a great feeling to walk on them. Because of them, the atmosphere looks neat and […]

Suede jacket
29 Sep2017

Suede cleansing at home is not very difficult process Suede jackets are nice stuff to wear but with good care and protection We use dresses to protect ourselves from the harshness of weather, to conceal our body, to show our wealth, to give comfort ourselves and to be prominent in others. We use lots of […]

12 Aug2017

Some fabrics are for dry cleaning only and they cannot be washed with water A tag that can be found on most of the clothes is a dry cleaning only tag. This tag is not alone, there are more details that give other information about the fabric, the temperature on which it should be cleaned […]

Bed Sheet
21 Jul2017

Your bed sheet is the true representative of your living style Bed sheets must be neat and clean, they represent your way of living There is no home in the world without bed and bed sheets. Bed is necessary to sleep for most of people. Some people don’t like heavy and bulky beds at their […]

6 Jul2017

Which one to choose that suits your life style and daily need? When we talk about dry cleaning and laundry cleaning services, there is a very thin line between them. The difference is not in the procedure, but in the cleaning agents that are used for a complete clean result. Both require professional training and […]