Take Precautions to maintain the look of your Carpet
Carpet Cleaning
8 Jun2017

Some home cares that can ensure the long life of your carpet

Taking your carpet to the dry cleaners for proper cleaning is a very good thing, but taking care of it at home is even a much better idea. Exposing the carpet to cleaning process is not a good idea as it dulls the look of your carpet as well as lessens its life and it is not a mistake by the dry cleaner, he despite the condition of the rug does his best to give it a fresh look. What you do to the carpet at home is you responsibility and not of the dry cleaner. Take care of your carpeting so that it does not have to visit the dry cleaner much.

How to take Precautions:

There are some very simple tricks that can be used to save the floor covering from dirt, stains and blots. A very useful step is the use of foot mats that absorb most of the dirt and moisture that can accumulate at the entrance and spread throughout. At every entrance, use a foot mat or you can cover the entrance with an extra coating of a piece of another carpet to protect the original one from any harm that can ruin the edges. Another rule that can be employed in this respect is to take out the shoes before going on the flouring. This will on one hand prevent the dirt entering the carpet and also spare the carpet of the marks of heels or flattening of the carpet due to harsh soles. Also furniture with sharp edges should also be placed with covered bases so as to avoid the harm they can cause.

What to do for cleaning:

There are some home remedies that can give excellent results to maintain a clean carpet. For this one has to give special attention towards it for avoiding over and over again dry cleaning for stain removal.

  1. Vacuum daily:

    Vacuum daily

    Vacuum daily

One method to keep dirt from accumulating in the carpet is to vacuum it daily. This way dirt does not settle in and also the fresh look can be maintained. When cleaned other way with a broom, the dirt do not eliminate, instead it again settles down on the surface and with foot penetrate deep inside.

  1. Cleaning the Stains:

Take care of the stains that can become permanent if not treated immediately. Especially if the stains are of food, it can lead to bacteria and fungi to totally destroy the surface. If they are picked up by a spoon or dull knife as much as you can then it will not go down deep. Then carefully selected fluids can be applied to make the carpet completely stain free.

  1. Change Position:

    Carpet Colour Fading

    Carpet Colour Fading

Changing the position of the carpet once in a month can be very helpful to keep harmony in the look. Especially the color fading will be equal and it will not give an ugly affect. Rotating the carpet can be very helpful.

  1. Take it to the Dry Cleaner yearly:

    Yearly Carpet Dry Clean

    Yearly Carpet Dry Clean

If you do not want to have your carpet washed on months’ bases, at least take it to the dry cleaner yearly for a comprehensive cleaning and overhauling. It will extend the carpet life and you will be pleased with what the professionals have done to it. After all, a skilled person can do a better job than what you do at home.

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