We have different solutions to get white clothes whiter than before
White Clothes
15 Dec2017

Different natural remedies give the best results

It is an art to get white clothes white again

White dress looks very nice because of its whiteness. It looks very bad when it turns into yellow. This is the stage when your white stuff or fabric required some special treatment to get rid of this yellow touch and get its original whiteness. White color in the fabric is a natural color of the stuff.

If it turns into pinkish or yellowish it means the stuff is not in proper condition due to usage or wear and tear. It is a difficult task to get back their shininess and whiteness for an expert laundry but here are some steps to adopt for getting white whiter than before or to remove the yellowish texture from your white clothes.

Soak your white in baking soda

Baking soda is a good whitener for white clothes. Mix its adequate quantity into water according to your clothes’ quantity. Mix it well with water and dip your clothes into that water. Be careful about dipping your clothes into that mixture, all clothes must dip and submerged into that mixture equally.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a hard water softener so in light water white becomes whiter because there are no solid particles in the water to stay on your whites. With the help of baking soda, you can treat your water and that clean water becomes the source of great cleanliness and purity with brighter shine.

Aspirin is the good solution to get whiteness

Aspirin is a good treatment for a headache and pain and it is strange to you that it is a good whitener as well for white clothes.



Dissolve five to six tablets of aspirin into water according to your clothes’ quantity, and mix them well into water when you feel that there is no remaining of aspirin in the water then dip white and washed clothes into the water and remain dipped for two to three hours this will make the white clothes whiter than before.

Toothpaste is a good whitener for white clothes

The mixture of water and whitening toothpaste is a good remedy to get white clothes whiter than before. Add some quantity of white vinegar into the water and mix them well. Dip your washed white clothes into this ready mixture for two hours toothpaste has sodium into it and white vinegar cuts the grime and stains as well to make white whiter than before.

Tooth Paste

Tooth Paste

This is a quite natural remedy to get shine in your white clothes. 

Lemon juice and salt mixture is a good whitener, naturally available

Lemon is known to remove a stain, grime, and impurity from anything. It is a good whitener as well. Add lemon juice with two to three spoon of table salt and mix this mixture into the water as per your requirement. It depends on your clothes, how much clothes you want to dip into the mixture.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

The mixture of lemon juice and table salt cuts the yellowishness and pinkishness from your white clothes. Dip your white clothes into that solution to get neat and clean white clothes. This treatment is good, adopt it after the fortnight.

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